Thursday, June 20, 2013

LIVE Episodes vs. Pre-Recorded Episodes

So I tried my hand yet again, at doing a LIVE episode.
I was moving outside my comfort zone, for sure.
Alot can happen during a live episode...
notes can be lost, computer issues, phone issues, and more.
To add to things, I was using a USB headset, running on a 
slow net-book. 

A Pre-Recorded episode, is relaxed. You are in control of how and where your journey for that episode comes together. You are in control of the recording equipment, and it's capabilities.
If you screw up, you simply edit it out, or do it over again; til you get it right. I did not take the easy way out, this time.

That's right, I did not utilize my podcast equipment at all.

So today was a lesson and a labor of love.
From here on out, LIVE or Pre-Recorded...
Podcast equipment will be used.

I'm sure I will do another live episode in the future.
And I will be better prepared, for all those maybe's I described.

We shall see what next week's episode has in store for us.

Thanks for checking us out, and for listening to our episodes.
If you have an interesting idea on a topic for a later episode;
feel free to let us know.

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- J

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